Sujet trébuchant #1

Süddeutsche Zeitung, 27. Juni 2013, S. 16, Sebastian Herrmann: Lümmeln und Lügen

Basically what it says is that people who slouch around and take a lot of space are more prone to lying and unsocial behaviour. Also the bigger the size of your carseat, the more likely you are gonna park it contrary to the rules. Also the size of your chair influences your behavior. The bigger your chair, the more power you feel and the more unsocial you get. So, what’s the conclusion? Keep it small? I’m ambivalent.


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  1. Moreandmore Quadhaffy

    So perhaps there are moral implications to the overconsumption of the syrup of corn that go beyond mere gluttony? Also, other studies I have seen do not classify lying as antisocial behavior. In my own research I have demonstrated that telling the truth is seen by many to be antisocial. Many united states americans have a saying, “go along to get along.” Could it be that in a fascist state such as the united states that some sort of moral inversion takes place where lying is considered essential? I know this holds true for one of the great sacred united states of america social rituals, the job interview. For those of you who have never participated in this ritual, its primary purpose seems to be to demonstrate the subject’s facility as a liar. This probably only applies to management, marketing and sales jobs; at least I hope they don’t hold the same standard for technical staff.

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