Intuition is not a simple antithesis to logic. Intuition belongs to logic, and reminds it of the moment of its untruth. As the blind spots in the process of cognition – from which they still cannot escape – intuitions prevent reason from reflecting upon itself as a mere form of reflection of arbitrariness. In non-arbitrary memory, arbitrary thought seeks, however hopelessly, something to cure it from what it must nevertheless perpetrate.

-Adorno, from his book on Husserl- Against Epistemology: A Metacritique.

Later in the same book Adorno says:

“[Husserl] stood for the idea of a single truth, and tried to force together the unspoiled concretion of individual experience and the binding force of the concept. He never rested content with the pluralism of truth according to the realms of knowledge.  That indeed accounts for the magnetic force of his starting point.  But it also involves him in difficulties, which the Southwest German academic philosophers comfortably avoided.”

My feeling is that Adorno wants to rescue the kernel of Husserl’s thought from existentialism, especially the dread Digger, He Who Will Not Be Named.


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