Year of the Sheep

Happy YEAR OF THE SHEEP. Here’s a quote from Adorno that bears some reflection, especially for those who abuse Occam’s Razor:

I do not think it is usually realized (and perhaps I may draw your attention to it here) now much the notions of so-called everyday life – what I call ‘bleating’, the ideas passed uncritically from mouth to mouth, or presented as self-evident in leading or not-so-leading articles in newspapers- how much almost all these notions are cultural assets which have sunk down from the upper stratum, to use the language of the sociology of literature. That is to say, they are simply residues of great metaphysics, of great philosophy, which, through being severed from an original context which has lapsed into oblivion, take on the character of seemingly self-evident truths. This self-evidence is only apparent, since they owe their obviousness or compellingness to the structures in which they first appeared, whereas they are now treated as matters of fact which require no further justification, and precisely thereby are transformed into untruths. Metaphysics, Lecture 11, 6 July 1965


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